Aska Retail, LLC is a business that began with a vision. A vision of helping others by impacting their lives in a positive way. Here's our story. In the year of 2003 my youngest daughter was diagnosed with asthma. Seeing her struggling to breathe was a scary experience that I'll never forget. I had no idea what to do and felt helpless. Her physician prescribed her a rescue-inhaler to use to avoid triggers and, instructed her to carry the rescue-inhaler with her at all times.  She would often forget to carry it with her and in worse cases she would lose the inhaler. This left her unprepared which concerned me and, prompted me to ask her physician if there was any product on the market that held the rescue-inhaler and provided quick access. To no avail, there was nothing. After learning there's no such product a vision and thought came to my mind. "Invent something." I then followed that thought, worked hard and successfully invented a unique inhaler case cover, designed to be carried 3 different ways to provide quick access to rescue- inhalers. The vision became a reality. The product is now U.S. Patented. Soon after, Aska Retail, LLC became an established business. 

Ametrice D. Clark

Founder / C.E.O.


When Respiratory Control is in demand...Aska puts relief right at hand!


Not only am I the Founder/CEO of Aska Retail LLC but I also invented the product. We here at Aska Retail LLC are proud to be a Minority owned business that credits our success to lots of hard work, determination and the grace of God. Now we welcome you to join along with the millions of others who use inhalers to get prepared by getting the Aska inhaler case carrier and put relief right at hand!



The mission of Aska Retail, LLC is to market and sell inhaler case carriers. An exclusive product designed for people who carry inhalers. This unique product will allow people quick access to their inhaler. Each inhaler case carrier will improve the quality of life for those who use inhalers. Aska Retail is proud to be a minority owned business that is dedicated to aiding in the protection from tragic injury and in some cases death. We will strive to maintain a friendly, fair and creative business which respects the ideas and worth of the individual customer. It is our goal to provide quality tested products of fine workmanship to insure 100% customer satisfaction and values friendly service. Aska Retail's, LLC purpose is to increase customer awareness on the importance of being prepared in the event of a medical emergency and to provide customers with a product that will aid them in that preparation.